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Wonder Soil Sheets #WondeSoil

Wonder Soil Sheets

I’ve been gardening since I was just a wee little one and helped my grandpa out in his garden. He loved trying new organic ways to garden. He always had a huge garden filled with a ton of different vegetables. My mom was also huge into creating a beautiful garden. Each year we would plant and harvest and can. (I say we when in all reality she did 99.9 percent of it.) We were always busy in the garden or doing something outside.  Their love of gardening was passed right on down to me and my children.

I truly enjoy trying new items for my plants. Living in Michigan, I start most of my plants indoors well before planting time. I’ve used many different types of soils to start seeds and transplant. This is the first time I’ve tried Wonder soil sheets.

Wonder Soil Sheets

The Wonder Soil sheets work, well, wonderful. They are extremely light. I was surprised at how light the box was that they arrived in.

The sheets are made from worm castings, humate, calcium, rock minerals, kelp, organic fertilizer, coconut coir fiber, and mycorrhizae. It takes only a few minutes for the 5 pounds of sheets to expand to 1 cubic foot. All that needs to be done is a bit of water added to it and then time. They expand to seven times their size. HUGE!

The Wonder Soil’s Organic Soil Sheets are low in salts and are pathogen-free. Very important to me.

The Wonder Soil wonder sheets were great fun for myself and my children. They loved watching the flat sheets expand so rapidly. We were amazed at how quickly the water caused the sheets to expand to their full size. They quickly grew to be seven times the size they started out as.

Wonder Soil Sheets

Below is a Youtube video I made of the one of the 5/8 inch wafers quickly growing to the size it would become. All in a matter of minutes. I honestly thought it would take a lot longer than it did. I was sure I’d have to time lapse the video just to make it short enough to share and let you know how much I cut out. This soil expanded a lot faster than other wafers I’ve tried before.

I’m interested to see how well the roots on my plants grow.  What a difference this soil makes to that of regular potting soil. This soil includes water saving polymers meaning less water loss, therefore, less labor to water. YAY!
So far, I’m extremely impressed with how well this has done.

You can find out more on the Wonder Soil website: Here


Wonder Soil Sheets Video

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