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Which 5k to Run


Oh, what to do, what to do……which 5k to run this week!

So, my very first 5k was last year. I had decided to make it an annual run. I thought that would be fun to see how I improve each year. Running the same route timed would be a great way to keep track. I enjoyed that first 5k. I wrote about it (you can read about it here) and I was so excited by it. I’ve grown to love exercise since then. I’ve improved my health so much over this past year.

which 5k to run


I entered a contest and won a 5k run. NOT just any 5k run but a fun WINE 5k run. I run THAT 5k and at the end I get a cute t-shirt, wine glass, AND a glass of wine.

which 5k to run

The problem…

One problem is that the runs are one after the other.

One run is on July 21st and the other is on July 22nd.

Both are evening runs.

The main problem, though, is it is supposed to be in the mid 90’s both days. THAT is quite hot for running.

I don’t have an issue running 3 to 4 miles each day, but the heat index and the fact that these are “races” makes it feel harder. So, I feel like I have to choose. It seems like it should be an easy choice to pick one or the other, but it isn’t.


Other Factors

I’ve friends that want me to do the one.

They’ll all be doing that one (non-wine).

I really want to do the wine one. (I mean, come on…WINE!)

Even my daughter is chiming in. She really wants to run the fun run (non-wine) 5k with me.

I have a super cute wine tank top I could wear to the wine run even! A new one from out fromĀ Baffle. It is super soft and says “Now watch me sip… sip on Chardon Nay Nay” I mean come on!!!!!! It was like it was meant to be!

which 5k to run

Which 5k to run will I choose?

I’m just not sure which.

I guess I’ll HAVE to decide which 5k to run soon……


What would YOU do?

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