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My weight loss journey

My Weight loss Journey So Far

Oh, what can I say, my weight loss journey so far has been slow and steady. I suppose that is a good thing but it is hard to deal with on occasion. I like things to move fast. The faster the better.

That being said, I suppose slow and steady does have its place. I’ve lost a total of around 70 pounds so far depending upon the day. I go down 20 pounds and then back up 5 or so and then back down again. A lot of ups and downs in my life.

Accountability and Friendship

One thing that has made a world of difference in helping me to lose the weight and maintain the loss is a steady exercise routine and accountability partners. Having friends that are there for you to help you and be with you on the journey makes a world of difference. Great friends make life so much better.

Weight Loss Journey

I found a program through our local hospital that offers classes 4 days a week which I love. When I sign up for the program, I feel committed to actually participate and that bit of accountability helps me stay on track when otherwise I might just slack and sit my tushy on the couch.

The other thing I love about the classes is the friends that I’m making. I’ve made great friends there that love some of the same things I do. Both guys and girls enjoy the fun of weightlifting and extreme exercising and boy does it end up with many laughs on our parts. Sometimes we giggle so much that we call that part of our ab workout.

Sunset or Wine 5K

Toning and Shaping

I’m pleased with the toning and shaping I’m achieving. I’ve a ways to go before I’m satisfied, but I am getting there. I wish I would have gotten there sooner, but I didn’t and that is what it is.

Weight Loss Journey

I’ve plenty of workout things here in my home to keep me going and yes, I do use them when the classes aren’t in session, but it just isn’t the same, yet. I figure, I’ll get where I don’t actually require “adult supervision” but right now it is extremely helpful.


My diet has remained the same. I still follow a basic low or lower carb menu. This helps with my heart issues and keeps me feeling well. The weight comes off slow, but it is coming off. I’m going to try to stick further to the Trim Healthy Mama plan after the holidays and see if I can’t get back to losing a wee bit faster.

weight loss journey

The reasons for losing the weight I wanted to lose may have changed as of late, but that is okay. I’ll enjoy the benefits of this weight loss for many years to come. As will others, as I feel so much better and can enjoy life more.

Get Started on Your Weight Loss Journey

So, get out there and join in the fun. Find a program and sign up. Make new friends that will be a part of your life forever. Hey, maybe you’ll find your soul mate while you are planking! ­čśë

Weight Loss Journey

Enjoy and many blessings on your weight loss journey!

Keep Hope Alive

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