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Weight Loss and Boot Camp Update #Vintagedress

Weight Loss and Boot Camp Update

Well, it has been a while since I’ve done an update on my weight loss and boot camp exercise regime. Luckily, it isn’t because I’ve been slacking. I’ve been so very busy working out and running that I’ve had few minutes to spare to write.

The latest program I started was only 2 days a week and it ended June 29th.


Mondays were the killer trifecta of pain. I’m not sure even now what it was called. We did 20 minutes of cardio, followed by 20 minutes of kettlebells, followed by 20 minutes of ab workout. I hated it and I loved it. THIS worked. It made me feel awesome and horrible at the same time. THAT is how I knew it was working. I was pushed to my limits and I still pushed through.



Wednesdays were boot camp. Now this class, oh how to start, it was fun and hard for me. I LOATHE being on display. I hate having to exercise in front of others. This class was done at a park!!! Not at the comfy gym where all were friends for the most part. Nope, complete strangers, and people just out and about, could sit and gawk at us doing our exercises.

Guess what?

I lived. I managed to work through what felt horrid. This isn’t the first class I’ve taken that made me exercise in public, but yeah……. Honestly, I think this is helping me overcome my fear of people. I’m getting over my fear of people seeing me exercise. It’s making it easier to get out there and run and play.

Weight Loss and Boot Camp

Goal Achieved?

Have I reached my goal? Nope! I’m getting there, though. Each and every day I get closer to what I’m trying to achieve with the help of Trim Healthy Mama and exercise. That being said I’ve hit some major goals that I didn’t dream I’d hit.¬†Weight Loss and Boot Camp training are working for me.

****I’m controlling my heart palpitations!

****My thyroid levels are now near normal!

This is HUGE for me. The doctors told me that neither of these things was attainable. I LOVE when someone tells me that something can’t be done because that just pushes me to hopefully find a way. I changed my diet, added in supplements, and added in more and different exercises. I don’t know what the future holds, but at least for now my body is no longer attacking itself. My Hashimoto’s is under control. Heck, even if it only lasts a week I’m happy to have a reprieve.

Weight Loss?

All total, so far I am down between 70 and 75 pounds. ((depends on the amount of popcorn and wine I consume on a bad day….)) I’d love to lose another 40 to 50 pounds to hit my ultimate goal. I’ll get there. Time and faith will see me through.

Celebration Dress

One thing I did to celebrate was find me a dress. I am not exactly a dress kind of girl, but I love the idea of them. When I was offered one to review, I was excited, especially since it was a 50’s style dress, I adore that decade. I ordered a size I haven’t been in since I was 21. I wasn’t sure if or when it would fit. So many outfits online seem to come a lot smaller than expected. This one came and was sized properly! YAY! I tried it on and it fit. Perfectly? Maybe not…… I’m still not comfortable. I really want to be back to being thin me who was comfortable in everything. It is extremely well made and fit and it is adorable. The dress can be found on Amazon: here

Weight Loss and Boot Camp

Now on to the next step………..

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