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Trim Healthy Mama

The Trim Healthy Mama Plan Helps Me Flourish


And I love it! I love being a Trim Healthy Mama!

Wondering what that is?

It is something so very special I’ve learned.

Something LIFE changing.

Trim Healthy Mama Philosophy


A Trim Healthy Mama is someone that has learned a new way to eat and be healthy. A way not just to lose weight, but to regain health and truly flourish. It isn’t much different than what I was doing before but with just enough of a twist as to please me. The meals on this plan are always anchored with protein sources to help stabilize blood sugar. This helps to repair the body from daily wear and tear.

I learned of this diet from a few different friends. They recommended it to me as a way to heal the body naturally, something they know I believe in. My Hashimoto’s diagnosis lead me to go ahead and jump into this lifestyle with both feet.


Trim Health Mama

Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan

The plan isn’t complicated at all once you dip in though it takes some getting used to. The plan involves S, E, or FP meals or a variation of them. All this means is, low-carb higher fat, slightly higher carb lower fat, and low-carb low-fat. Easy Peasy!!! The book explains how exactly how to follow the plan and lays it out to make it better understandable. It is relatively easy to understand how to follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan if you have ever followed a lower carb diet. That is basically what it is, with a twist.

E Meals are up to 5 fat grams and include 20-45 net grams of plan-approved carbs.
S Meals are up to 10 net carbs* and more than 5 fat grams.
FP Meals are up to 5 grams fats and up to 10 net carbs*

*limit store-bought breads to 6 carbs or less and you don’t need to count non-starchy veggies.


Trim Healthy Mama

How To Begin Trim Healthy Mama


To make the plan work easier for me, I stopped the guessing on what meal was what. I figured the best way to get going on the Trim Healthy Mama plan was to simply choose recipes that sounded tasty to me and go from there. So, I pick three recipes from their awesome cookbook each day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m not much of a snacker during the day so I skip all snacks until evening. I then pick one from the book that looks yummy to me. Be sure to wait about 3 hours between meals to allow proper digestion of the previous meal. Using the recipes in this way helps take any guesswork out as to whether what I’m eating is on plan. The cookbook has what type of food it is right there, big as can be. Most people that are scared to jump in on the plan would have no issues whatsoever if they just did it this way for a month. After that, it just starts being easily understandable.

Trim Healthy Mama

Trim Healthy Mama Products


There are many wonderful products available through Trim Healthy Mama. You can find them on their website and order direct. Their prices are competitive with other brands, which is extremely nice. They take the time to find the best products and make them available to us for an extremely fair price (after checking them out and declaring them fabulous). Do you actually NEED to have their products to follow the plan? Nope. You can go it without ANY special ingredients. It just is a lot more enjoyable with them. I finally broke down and ordered a few things and am extremely happy I did. I can now enjoy making my candy and chocolate and eat it too. Finally, I can put my awesome Christmas molds to work!!! Check these out! Christmas molds


Trim Healthy mama

My Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Products


Trim Healthy MamaObviously, my favorite product non-food product is the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. This book is an absolute life saver for me as it is full of fabulous ideas and makes it possible for me to stay on plan without effort.



Trim Health MamaTrim Healthy Mama, No More Fads! is the book by authors Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison. It is a commonsense guide to weight loss and healthy living for all women (and men honestly). This is available as both hardcopy or as an ebook. I have both ebook and the hardcopy but much prefer the hands on hardcopy.


Trim Healthy Mama Oat Fiber is a gluten-free, zero calorie flour I love to use in creating fabulous muffins and more. Very tasty.




Trim Healthy mamaThe Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend is made with a mix of flours that are gluten-free and low glycemic. It makes very tasty pancakes, breads, muffins, and oh now I’m hungry again……. 😉




Trim Healthy mamaThe Integral Collagen is a terrific way to add protein to most any meal as it is completely tasteless and dissolves easily.




Trim Healthy mamaMy all time FAVORITE product is the Glucomannan “Gluccie” non-ORGANIC fiber. Oh but this is so necessary (ok, not really but I personally couldn’t live without it). I can make puddings, gravies, creamy treats and oh so much more with this fabulous stuff! It helps keep blood sugar levels steady and helps to keep me feeling satisfied.

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