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Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix Review


Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix Review

The Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix is great for those on a gluten-free diet, vegans, and those with allergies. Not only those, but for anyone looking for a nutritious, delicious, easy-to-create treat. Many days, I’ve barely enough time to tie my shoes, much less make a decent breakfast. This can easily be substituted for a meal when done with the right ingredients. It’s perfect for the homesteading mom.

Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix

What are TigerNuts?

TigerNuts are not actually nuts, they’re a tuber. They are more commonly referred to as yellow nutsedge, chufa, or nut grass.

What are the benefits of TigerNuts?

  • TigerNuts are completely free of gluten, soy, dairy, nut, and other allergy-inducing items.
  • TigerNuts are a resistant starch, and are a prebiotic that feeds on the good bacteria in the digestive tract.
  • TigerNuts are a good source of healthful fats and vitamins.  They are a good source of iron, magnesium, potassium, and Vitamins C and E.
  • TigerNuts can help control blood pressure and diabetes.
  • TigerNuts are also a good source of protein.

Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix

What is the Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix?

Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix is a healthy and great-tasting dehydrated version of Tiger Nut Milk. They take the organic Tiger Nuts and turn them into Tiger Nuts Milk and then dehydrate that. Once dehydrated it is converted into a powder that works great as a smoothie mix.

How to make a Tiger Nuts Smoothie?

Making a Tiger Nuts Smoothie is simple! Add three or four tablespoons of the yummy Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix into a blender with crushed ice, water, and the fruit of your choice. Blend it like crazy and drink it up. I really like it with strawberries and blueberries. My kids like a bit of banana thrown in.

How does Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix taste?

I was really wondering exactly how this would taste. Would it taste grassy, nutty, or like a root? Well, none of those and all of those. The flavor is interesting. It is sweet and has an almost hint of banana flavor, but not really. I can taste the nutty, grassy flavor but only kind of. Root? Not really, but somehow a wee bit. My daughter mentioned the taste of seaweed, but I didn’t catch that. My son is sure it has a banana flavor. I hate bananas so happily I don’t taste the banana he insists he tastes. I just think it is yummy.

Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix

My Opinion of Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix?

I really enjoyed trying out the Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix. We are extremely limited in exactly what we can eat with me being sugar, starch, and flour free and my daughter being gluten free. I read about this and was extremely excited to give it a go. It does have more carbs than I would typically take in, so I use it sparingly. My daughter, though, is using it right up. She sprinkles it on her cereal and adds it to her cottage cheese. My son likes to mix it up as a smoothie like it was intended to be. My husband just skips it as he isn’t a smoothie lover yet. Overall, it is well loved by everyone. The flavor is good and it mixes well. It doesn’t leave a chalky taste or a weird aftertaste. I love that it has a shelf life of 12 months. This is definitely worth a try.

Where to find Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix?

Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix can be found over Tiger Nuts USA’s website. Check this out and their other great products: HERE

Tiger Nuts Smoothie MixTiger Nuts Smoothie MixTiger Nuts Smoothie MixTiger Nuts Smoothie Mix


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