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The number one thing you do every day that prevents weight loss


The Number One Thing You Do Every Day That Prevents Weight loss

There is something you do every day that prevents you from losing weight.

And everyone does it.

It isn’t what you think, though.

The number one thing you do each day that prevents weight loss is: You lie to yourself.

That’s it.

Each day you lie to yourself in some way, shape, or form.


Maybe it’s telling yourself things like:

  • I can’t lose weight I have a health condition.

  • I can’t lose weight I don’t like certain foods.

  • I can’t give up sugar.

  • I can’t exercise.

  • I can’t afford the necessary equipment.

  • I can’t find the time.

  • I can’t afford healthy food.


**Can you tell I HATE the word can’t?


Whatever lie you are telling yourself, Stop.


Understand it is possible.

It may not be easy. It may take a long time. But it is possible.

You are not the only person with your condition. There are many like you that are losing weight and meeting their goals. It may make it harder, but it does not make it impossible. You do not require special tools to get the job done, though they are fun to have. Shop for good deals on healthy food. Stop making excuses. Stop lying to yourself.

Set up goals to help you accomplish your mission. Things that motivate you to succeed. Things that are attainable but require work. Don’t be afraid of failing. Start journaling. Find the hidden things in your life that are leading to you not losing the weight. Most people don’t even realize how much they are eating, or how little they are exercising, until they start journaling.


Set Goals

I set up a goal at the beginning of spring to walk with my kids out to my mom’s house without stopping, an eight-mile trek one way. Now, with two kids in tow that is a bit of an obstacle. But I wanted them to see that whatever we set out to do, we could do.

We trained all summer with smaller walks.  A couple miles a day most days. We moved up to four miles each day. We then mastered a six-mile hike.

On August 20th, we accomplished our goal.


We hiked the full eight miles.

We did it!

Not only did we accomplish our goal but we still had plenty of energy left over.

Have I met my weight loss goal? Not yet. I’m not done, though. I know I can do it. Like everyone else, I have to stop believing the lies I tell myself. I’m going to stop doing the number one thing that prevents weight loss.  I won’t lie to myself.


  • I can meet my goal.
  • I can exercise.
  • I can lose the weight.
  • Hashimoto’s won’t stop me


Good luck and many blessings on your journey.

A few of pictures from our journey. ((sorry for camera quality as I had to use my cheap phone camera))

IMG_20150820_100621 IMG_20150820_100745 IMG_20150820_100758 IMG_20150820_101031

Pictures at the public park where we stopped to refill our water bottles.




Grey sky with a few flashes of lightning did not deter us.



IMG_20150820_102043 IMG_20150820_104526


Such a lovely journey. The high winds kept us cool.


Wildflowers picked for grandma.




Love the railroad tracks!




Finally, we made it to my mom’s road.



My mom’s front yard.

poor kids


Maybe they were being a bit dramatic at the end……….

goal met

Mission Accomplished!

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