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Tearing Down the Walls and Adding More Room

My whole house is about to undergo a huge remodel. We are about to tear down the walls and add more room. Not only have I been tearing down some personal walls, I’ve been busy tearing down some physical ones, too. I’ve added more room in my heart and now in my home.

My life will be a chaotic mess of trying to get things exactly as I want them while living in a disaster zone.

I’m ripping out my kitchen and putting it where our garage used to be. We’ll be adding a pantry for all of our kitchen supplies that I don’t want taking up cabinet space. We plan to reuse our kitchen cabinets, as they are still beautiful and in wonderful shape. A new nook in the kitchen will be added to let in light and give us more sitting room. I will be adding a few new bamboo organizers to make them more useful and organized. *I love KD Organizers™ 6-Slot Bamboo Drawer Organizer. You can find them on Amazon here: KD Organizers™ 6-Slot Bamboo Drawer Organizer

Our living room will also be moving to the other end of the house. I’ll be adding in a large window with seating for reading. I love reading while enjoying the outside view. It’s so very peaceful.

Where our kitchen is currently a master bathroom will be. I’m seeing a river stone floor with separate shower and jacuzzi tub. Dual sinks and tile halfway up the wall.

The living room will be transformed into a master bedroom with a hallway to the outside. A large walk-in closet will make life a lot better.

The laundry room will be adjusted to fit a folding shelf, ironing board, and more cabinets. My new Heavy-Duty Gullwing Drying Rack will fit perfectly where the old furnace used to be. No more having to keep it in the computer room even though it is nice. I just don’t feel like staring at more work to be done while working online.

Out back, we will be adding a deck and a root cellar. The perfect place to store the wonderful produce from our garden. Also handy in the case of a tornado. I’ve been dreaming of having one of these for many years.

My daughter’s room will become the exercise room. Yes, that is the room we just repainted and decorated. She’s fine with this as she’ll be getting our old master bedroom and will have more space and a full closet all of her own.

My son’s room and bathroom will stay the same, except he has plans to make it more masculine and video game friendly. (I have NO idea, but it is his, so whatever he wants to do is fine by me.)

So, in the next few months, if I seem to be slightly more insane than normal, bear with me or send me wine. I’ve been using my new Sunsella Silicone Popsicle Mold to make winesicles (Get the stand too. It makes life much easier). Yummmmmy!  We are hoping to have this done before Thanksgiving, but knowing how our days go it could take until next Thanksgiving……. We will see.

Whatever the days hold, I’m looking forward to the projects and changes. Life will be interesting as we make our home more to our liking.

Do y0u have a project of your own going on? Share your stories. I’d love to hear them.


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