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Sunset or Wine 5K #ultimatesquat

Sunset or Wine 5K

Well, the long week of decision making on which 5k to run is over.
I made my decision and jumped right in with both feet (helpful, I suppose, if you’re running).


My choices? Sunset or Wine 5K…

Run the Sunset 5k like I did last year or run the Wine 5k that I won so much off my registration?

I decided instead of choosing just one, I’d do both. Yeah, a total glutton for punishment. Mind you, many do this often enough I’m sure. Me, though? This was to be my 2nd and 3rd 5k in just over a year. I’m just a baby runner. I barely have my feet wet, really.

Sunset or Wine 5K

I did great on the Sunset 5k. I beat my time from the year before by over 3 minutes. I was extremely pleased with that. The weather wasn’t too bad. It ended up being in the low 80’s, thanks to a nice thunderstorm that rolled through right before we ran.

Sunset or Wine 5K

The wine 5k run was a great run too. Though my time on that one truly stunk, I had a most wonderful time with my bestie. The heat was the major factor. It was right around 95 degrees and the whole run was in the sun. I swear there wasn’t an ounce of shade the whole way. Luckily, at the end, there was a wine tasting to ease my thirst. That was followed by a beer tent, and some great country music and dancing.

Sunset or Wine 5K

I’m thinking that a bit more training and next year I’ll beat my time by another 3 minutes. To help me while my classes aren’t in session I found the Ultimate Squat set. It is a fantastic bar that I use to perfect my squats and get my legs and glutes toned. Better leg muscles mean a better run, I’m sure. You can find it on Amazon: here. They have a website where you can find out more: here.

Sunset or Wine 5K Ended up Sunset AND Wine 5K

So, did you guess right? Did you figure I’d do both 5ks? What was the last race you ran?

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