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Professional Gaffer Power tape is a premium grade of gaffer tape. It is used in many industries.

Gaffer tape is similar to duct tape, but it doesn’t leave the sticky residue that duct tape leaves when you pull it up. It has a matte-finish vinyl coated cloth, white or black. The adhesive type is rubber and it is 11.5 mils thick.

Gaffer tape is even waterproof, making it perfect for many different applications.

Use this tape to secure cables tightly together, hold down wires on stages, or any other securing you may require. It can be easily ripped by hand, no need for cutting tools.

As a blogger, I enjoyed trying this out in exchange for a review, I used this when we are working on running cables in the houses we remodel and it worked wonderfully.

Removal is easy, when the tape is pulled up no gummy residue is left behind.

Learn more about it here.

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