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New Beginnings #behind the blogger

New Beginnings

Honestly? I don’t believe in new beginnings. I believe that each day is a gift that we need to make use of and work with.  That being said, I do believe in working your butt off to improve each day. Each day is an opportunity to make you a better you.

New Program

One day, I decided that I was sick and tired of feeling like crap all the time. My best friend told me about a program that our local hospital puts on to help those in the community get fit and healthy. It seemed like it might be fun but since it had already started I couldn’t join in that time. The idea of it stuck with me, and when the next one was scheduled I quickly signed up.

new beginnings

New Pain

Oh my, thinking back to those first days of the program…. I was a mess. Running from stop sign to stop sign was impossible I was so out of shape. Most of the time, I’d end up walking for part of it and then starting back up. Planking made me sick to my stomach, literally. Push-ups were a joke that absolutely were NOT going to happen. All this new pain in my muscles and bones….

New Joy

I stuck with it. Even though each and every class was an absolute misery that first program, I kept trying. Nothing was going to stop me from my goal to get healthy and fit. Nothing was going to prevent me from becoming a healthier version of me. Gradually, the class wasn’t so horrid. One day I noticed I actually enjoyed going to class. All of a sudden what was miserable was bringing me joy. I started to look forward to going to class 4 days a week. All of a sudden the idea of running wasn’t so horrid.

new beginnings

New Friends

Not only did the classes start improving my health, but they started improving my mind. Getting fit allows me to be a better me. I am able to laugh and joke and be more me. New friends were made and so much fun was had. All of a sudden, I had friends asking me to run with them, to go paddle boarding, and more. All of a sudden, I had the energy to do all those things and feel good about them.

new beginnings

New Plans

Now, I pester my friends to get healthy. I play and tease them to come and join me on walks and runs. Now, I push them to get out of the house and join me on my fitness journey. Bringing them in on a new beginning, a journey of their own with me brings me happiness. When I can help others and see them grow and change brings me so much joy.

new beginnings

New Beginnings

Now, another class is beginning and I’ll love (and hate) every minute of it. I’ll whimper, moan and whine my way through the class. Most of the time I’ll make silly and inappropriate jokes and try to get people to smile and laugh while we suffer. They laugh while I crawl across the floor to the next station because I’m being too lazy to stand up. My friends will tease me about my wanting the big balls, the largest pole, the heaviest bell, while I whine that I can’t do it. They’ll laugh while I pretend to pole dance with the weighted bars. My friends know that I just love to have fun and play and we’ll make it through another class. I’ll lose more weight and I’ll reach my goal soon. I’m down 70 pounds and I hope to lose 20 more this go around.

Get out there and have fun, my friends.

Love life and make new beginnings out of each day.

Blessings and Hope


new beginnings
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