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Liebster Award
The Liebster Award highlights and introduces new bloggers who have a following of less than 200. It helps new bloggers connect and network with other new bloggers. Jenny, from Reviews by Jenny, nominated me ((Thanks Jenny!!)) and now I must complete the following:

Rules of the Liebster Award:

Include your answers to the questions you were asked by the blogger who nominated you.
Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
Choose 5-10 blogs (with less than 200 followers) and link to them in your post.
Go to their page and let them know!
No tag backs


1. What is something you learned in the last week? A trick I learned from a blogger friend was to use safety pins to keep my fitted sheet from slipping around.

2. Besides blogging, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? My spare time is filled up with my family and farm. I homeschool my kids and we have a small farm with cows, chickens, goat, ducks, turkey, dogs, and a cat. Oh, and remodeling houses to sell.

3. Favorite genre of music? I’m partial to country music and absolutely love Celtic.

4. Do you have any siblings? I have my brother and I have two half-brothers and a half-sister. And a couple other girls that I consider my sisters.

5. What chore do you absolutely hate doing? I loathe all inside housework…dishes are the worst though. I hate sticking my hands in dishwater.

6. What is your favorite quote/saying? “Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles…. it empties today of its strength.”

7. What is the last movie you watched? Did you like it? The last movie I watched was Left Behind III and I loved it.

8. Do you have any children? I have two fabulous little redheads, boy and girl. I also have 3 fantastic step kids, boys all grown up.

9. What was your favorite food as a child? Fruity Pebbles

10. Any secret or hidden talents? I love to draw and paint, and redesign the layout of houses.

11. What is your advice/tip for new bloggers? Have fun with what you are doing, be honest, and help others. (guess that isn’t just for bloggers!)


UPDATE   also nominated me!!!! So here are my next set of questions…….. 

1. What is the one piece of technology that you absolutely couldn’t live without? I couldn’t live without my computer, it opens doors around the world for me. I’ve made some fabulous friends online.

2. What’s a typical day like for you? A typical day? There is nothing typical about my days… Okay, I hop out of bed around 5 or 6am, drink some French pressed coffee with cream and stevia, eat, do chores, play with the kids, homeschool, chat with my online friends, write some blog, take care of the farm, forget to make dinner (oops), rush about making something fast, chat some more, and then lights out at around 10 or 11 or later.

3. What do you do when you’re not blogging? I love my garden, animals, and kids. So that is where I spend most of my time.

4. What’s the biggest “blogging hurdle” you’ve had to overcome? Overcoming my introvert shy ways and putting myself out there. Still freaks me out.

5. What’s the last book you read? Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

6. How did you pick your blog’s name? Well, I’m a redhead, my kids are redheads, my hubby is a redhead and we are all a bit wild and we live on a homestead. So, Wild Redhead Homestead just fit.

7. Favorite movie? The Stand, Goonies, Hatchi, I don’t know……

8. Do you have a hero? Who and why? Nope

9. What’s your biggest fear? Death, mine or my families….

10. What 5 words describe you best? Introvert, Opinionated, Helpful, Kind, and Honest

11. Bacon? Seriously always!!!!!

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  1. What is the last movie to make you cry?
  2. What was your last online purchase? Do you love it?
  3. What is your dream job?
  4. What is your favorite food?
  5. Where would you love to go on vacation if you could choose anywhere?
  6. Which famous person, dead or alive, would you like to meet?
  7. What reality show would you like to be in?
  8. What is your favorite thing to blog about?
  9. What is your favorite book?
  10. What is the most dangerous thing you have done?
  11. What are a few good tips for new bloggers?

To my nominees…answer the questions I listed above on your blog, and then nominate another 5-10 bloggers and give them 11 questions to answer.

Connect with me by following my blog. Leave me a comment about what you are thinking. Please, support the nominees I select by following their blogs. Thanks again for following!!! Have a wonderful day!


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