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My 12 Week Weight Loss Results


I did it! I made it through the full 12 weeks of our summer shred program.

I completed an awesome exercise program designed to help me lose weight and build muscle. I signed up for this program after learning about it through a friend. I’m frugal to say the least, so spending money on an exercise program was my way of forcing myself to be accountable, and to stick with it.

I went to almost every one of the classes and learned a lot about myself. I found out I can do much more than I ever thought I could. I managed a bunch of weird exercises that looked IMPOSSIBLE when I first watched.

At the beginning of the program we did an assessment. We were measured and tried our hand at a few exercises: push-ups, squats, and planks. Heck, before that day I hadn’t even attempted a plank. They looked a bit silly, but I gave it a shot.

My Stats at Beginning:

  • Squat: 41
  • Push Up: 16
  • Plank: 0:30 seconds

My Stats at end:

  • Squat: 55
  • Push Up: 35
  • Plank: 1:29

If you think I’m brave enough to share measurements you are insane. Some things just stay private….

For 12 weeks we worked our tushies off. We walked/jogged/ran, sprinted, jumped, planked, jacked, and much, much more. I learned what it was like to have sweat just drip off, and not just from the heat of the day.

By the end, I felt so much better. Not only did I manage to lose weight, but even better? I managed to not need my inhaler each time I ran. My lungs were stronger. Now my running belt only has to hold my phone and a wee bit of cash. Check out my favorite belt here: Running Belt

Inches Lost:

  • 0.75 inches off my bicep
  • 2.5 inches off my chest
  • 7.75 inches off my waist
  • 3.25 inches off my thigh
  • gained 0.75 on my calf

Body fat percentage went down 1.9 percent!!

Total weight lost was 20 pounds. Woot! I met that goal.

All my fabulous exercise on my yoga ball and more has really paid off. My favorite ball is from Clever Yoga. It is an anti-burst stability exercise ball that comes with a hand towel and a foot pump. Check out the ball here: Clever Yoga

Now on to the next one. As you can see from my picture here, strength training is in my future. Aren’t these gloves the coolest ever! They actually are made of a high-quality material and are designed to last. Best of all, they fit my hands perfectly. Check them out here: Weight lifting Gloves

My 12 Week Weight Loss Results

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