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Love Yourself Enough

Love Yourself Enough

You hear the phrase often enough, “Love Yourself” but what does that really mean? Does it mean what you actually think it means or is there a deeper meaning that can come out of it? Is there something there that you are missing.

For me, love yourself means to love everything, the good and the bad. It is easy to love some things about yourself. For me, I have always loved having red hair and all that comes with it. I love my freckles, my pale skin, my brown eyes, and even the fiery temper that comes with that red hair.

I love myself enough to know that my temper can cause me oh so many issues. My tongue can cut through someone so quickly. It can rip someone to shreds if I am not careful. When I’m hurt or angry I have little control over that. I could easily hate that about myself but instead, I choose to try to work on it because I love myself enough to do so. Sometimes it is easy, other times not so much. My goal this year is to be as sarcastic as ever but to learn to control my tongue. I love myself enough to ask for forgiveness when I slip and hope it is granted.

Love Yourself Enough

Here are a few love yourself enough thoughts:

  • Love yourself enough to not body shame. So you have a few extra pounds (or not enough). That does not mean you are a horrible person, but for your health and love of self, you might want to look into diet and exercise. (oh trust me, this is one I work on constantly)
  • Love yourself enough to not need another. Being so lonely that you accept things that lower your self-worth is bad. I see women moving men in after only dating for a week or two. Doing things that shouldn’t be done so soon. Have some self-worth. No man (or woman) is worth endangering yourself or your children for.
  • Love yourself enough to not lie. Many times people lie and fake love for another just to ease their loneliness. Lying hurts all involved. Stick to the truth.
  • Love yourself enough to forgive people. I’ve had to deal with a lot of hurtful people in the past year (and longer). They try hard to destroy you with their words and actions. Forgive them anyway. Talk it out and forgive. Your soul will be most pleased.
  • Love yourself enough to forgive yourself. If you’ve done something that you know is wrong, forgive yourself. Ask for forgiveness  (if you can) from the one you wronged and hope. They may not be big enough to forgive you, but that is their sin/issue not yours.
  • Love yourself enough to help others. I’m one of those people who friend the unfriendable. I try to bring out their good and help them to grow and flourish. Sometimes it works well, other times I get burned badly, but I still always do try.
  • Love yourself enough to love others. There are many people out there that seem so unlovable, but those are the ones we should most try to love. Giving up is never an option. God commands us to love one another and if you are doing anything else you are failing. Always look for the good and work from there. Common ground can be found and it helps to not have hate in your heart.


No matter where you are in life, find ways to love and always love yourself. Live your life in happiness and find reasons to smile. Look into yourself and know that you are worthy of love and kindness, especially from yourself. Be as kind to yourself as you are to your (son, daughter, mother, grandma) loved ones. Be understanding. Be open to loving yourself and enjoy.


Love Yourself Enough

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