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Go to the store and buy yourself a journal. The journal doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, a plain old notebook works just lovely. Use the journal to write about the exercises, food, and other things that went on during the day. Write if something stresses you out, and figure out how to better handle that stress. Take note of the good and the bad, and be extremely honest. This journal is strictly for you to figure out what is going on and how to handle what comes.

Jump-start Weight Loss


Get out there and find yourself an accountability partner. An accountability partner is there to help you when you are feeling good, discouraged, or just in need a friend. Choose someone who is willing to hold you accountable and not an enabler. A good choice is one of your more honest friends or someone on the same journey as you.

Jump-start Weight Loss

Take Supplements

A good quality multivitamin takes care of most of your needs. Fish oil and vitamin D are also important vitamins to add into your diet. Magnesium and calcium are helpful for some people who have heart palpitations and anxiety. Turmeric is a good for lowering inflammation. Probiotics are important for overall gut health and more. Talk to your physician or naturopath about what would be the best choices for you.

Jump-start Weight Loss


Oh, the lovely plank. Why is this one here alone? Because if you do no other exercise the first month, start with the plank. Google it and try it. Make it a goal to improve a by a few seconds each day. The plank improves many muscles with just one move. The plank is fantastic for core conditioning, proper posture, balance, and works the hamstrings and glutes. Planking is fun to do as you can actually see an improvement each day.

Jump-start Weight Loss

Join a Challenge

Find a local fitness center and see if they have any challenges going on. Join in if they do. Step out of your comfort zone. Find challenges that push you and make you work to achieve something. If there are no challenges available locally, you can find them online all over the place. Look for one that fits your goals and desires and jump in. Having others there to challenge you definitely helps to jump-start weight loss.

Jump-start Weight Loss

Set Goals to Jump-start Weight Loss

Set goals to jump-start weight loss. Goals help you to keep your eyes on where you are going and not looking at where you are now or where you were. Set short-term goals and long-term goals and give yourself small rewards for achieving them. Make the reward not food related unless it is a healthy reward.

Jump-start Weight Loss

Meal Plan

Meal planning makes life a lot easier and reduces the chance of you eating garbage you shouldn’t eat because of hunger. A regular calendar and a pen work lovely for planning out the meals for the week. Or feel free to download one of the many planners available online. Do the grocery shopping necessary at the beginning of the week so that everything is on hand and that so no mad scrambling is necessary. Plan a month of menus but keep semi-flexible about changing what meal might happen during the week.

Jump-start Weight Loss

Drink Wine

Oh, can it be? Can wine be good to Jump-start Weight Loss? According to a study out of Washington State University from July of 2015 wine can help with weight loss. It does it by turning regular white fat into energy-burning beige fat. (erm, I have no idea but heck it says wine is okay so I’ll go with it) It is suggested to drink the wine in the evening to help curb snacking. Of course, the amount of wine is strictly a 4-ounce glass. Not a whole lot but better than none at all.

Jump-start Weight Loss


Jump-start weight loss with the 10 tips above and you’ll be well on your way to improved health and mood. Adding more water, exercise, journaling, accountability, supplements, planking, goals, meal planning, and a good challenge can help the weight start falling off. A bit of wine in the evening…may help, too.

Good luck and many blessings on your journey.

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