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How to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs

How to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs


Boiling eggs to make hard-boiled eggs is a hit and miss thing. Well, for me it was. Half the time I was left with a mess after boiling an egg. The shell would stick and I’d have to pick and pry. My egg was a mess.

My hard-boiled eggs would look like a puppy helped peel them. For real……….

I began steam “boiling” my eggs a few years back. After learning how to steam eggs to hard boil them, my eggs would be almost perfect each and every time. The eggs peel without much effort. I don’t end up with huge pieces broken off of the white.

It really isn’t hard at all to steam eggs. I actually found it easier than the old hard boiling method. A steam basket works wonderful for steaming eggs. If you don’t you have one, you can try out this most fabulous one from Sunsella.

How to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs


  1. Fill a medium to large pan with an inch or two of water How to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs
  2. Place the pan with the steamer insert on the stovetopHow to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs
  3. Bring the water to a fast boilHow to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs
  4. Place the eggs in the steamer basket when the water begins to boil (takes about two minutes)How to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs
  5. Steam the eggs for 6 minutes for soft-boiled eggs or 12 minutes for hard-boiled eggsHow to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs
  6. Lower the eggs into ice water for 15 minutes (if eating cold, otherwise skip this step) How to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs
  7. Peel and eatHow to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs

I always have fresh eggs from my chickens on hand and have not had an issue with the shells sticking when I use the steamed egg method to hard boil eggs. Store eggs are even easier to peel since they aren’t as fresh (more air space as the egg ages, means easier peeling). No more frustration while peeling hard boiled eggs.

The recommended length of time for keeping hard-boiled eggs is around five days in the fridge. I like to let them dry on the counter on a towel before placing them in a stainless steel bowl to keep them in the fridge.

I found a post on Facebook showing people peeling eggs by shaking them in a cup. It looked like an interesting way to peel an egg and so simple.  I decided to give it a go…. You can watch the video here: Peel Egg

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