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How to Change Your Facebook Like Settings


Knowing how to change your Facebook LIKE settings can be confusing. Having it set up exactly like you want and ensuring you have public what you want public and private what you want private is difficult on Facebook. Facebook automatically sets your privacy levels on your likes for you and this may NOT be to your liking.

Follow the steps below to learn how to change your Facebook LIKE Settings to make them more to YOUR liking.


1. Click so that you are on your personal Facebook profile.

  •        All this means is to click on YOUR name and go to YOUR wall.
  •        See the little hand clicking my name in the photo below.

Facebook Name

2. Scroll down until you get to your “LIKES” section.

(If you can’t find your LIKE section you may have it hidden.)

  • Click on the MORE tab next to your Photos tab.
  • Click the LIKE  so that a check mark appears.
  • Click Save.

3. Move the cursor (to the right) so that the pencil (EDIT) shows up.

4. Click the picture of the pencil like I’m doing with the little arrow below.

  • When that button is clicked another box will open up.

LIKES section

5. Click on “EDIT PRIVACY” like the hand below.

  • A list will pop up that says Edit Privacy of Likes.

Edit Privacy

6. Click on the icon on the right of the word and change it to the proper setting.


  • As you can see, the little hand is showing that mine is set to “Only Me”.
  • There are a few different settings that you can choose from.
  • Public, Friends, Friends except Acquaintances, Only Me, and Custom.
  • You can also set up custom settings to further make them your own. You can see I’ve set up a few custom settings.


Different Facebook pages have different settings so you might want to set them up individually to your preference. My “Wild Redhead Homestead” is set to Website while others might have theirs set as a Personal Blog, TV Show, or something else entirely.

Remember this when you are selecting your settings.

You might think you have your settings open or private, but unless you check each one you could be wrong.

My Facebook Page:


Good luck and keep your privacy safe on Facebook. Change up your settings as you need to. Check to see what your children have their settings set on. Help them to adjust as necessary. Now that you know how to change your Facebook LIKE settings and other settings you’ll feel a lot more comfortable. Any questions, feel free to post them below.


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