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Goals to Tame the Chaos


There are days that feel like everything is flying every which way. Like nothing can be accomplished. On those days I just want to just curl up in a wee little ball and eat popcorn and sulk about everything that I need to do but for some reason can’t seem to get to. On those days, my temper is bad, my mood swings wildly, and my kids tend to find important things to play with outside. I know it is due to lack of organization, lack of planning. I know I need to set goals to tame the chaos. So, here goes:

My name is Max and I am a procrastinator.

There, I’ve admitted it.

If something does not have a firm due date I tend to push it off until I absolutely must finish it. If it isn’t right there in my face it doesn’t get done. I have no idea why I do this, but I do.

I mean, why do a simple load or two of laundry each day when you can wait until Friday and spend the whole freaking day doing 14 loads. Much more fun that way……

It isn’t just the little stuff, but the important stuff that gets shoved back when I don’t plan things out properly. Seriously? Having to split wood outside when the temperatures are below freezing is a wee bit more than silly.

So, my goal? My goal is to not procrastinate so much. ((like my wiggle room there with the so much…I’ll work on that…))


Goal Setting Steps


  1. Think carefully about what the goal is to work toward.
  2. Determine why that goal is important.
  3. Write the goal down where it is easily visible.
  4. Create essential steps to accomplish the goal.
  5. Start stepping!


Giant monster goals can seem daunting until they are written and broken down.


One of my major goals is to be as healthy as possible. A major step in this goal is to lose a huge chunk of weight. Another step is to learn more about my health issues and what can be done about them. My huge goal then can be broken down into smaller steps along those lines. Those smaller steps are actually goals of their own. They are easy enough to break down further. (It’s a lot like in English class when you were doing brainstorming with those fun interconnected bubble things.) The more I break them down the more manageable they feel. Baby steps.


The Perfect Planner


I’ve found using theTools4Wisdom Planner makes breaking my goals and plans down that much easier. It gives me a way to make things concrete and right there in my face. I need that! I have never felt as prepared as I have with this planner. I don’t really know what it is about it that makes me feel like I’m actually getting my stuff together, but it works. I love the way it is organized. The way the goal setting is specified. The monthly priorities list makes it easy to narrow down what I actually need and want to finish by month’s end. This planner gives me just the right motivation to make my list and actually do it. I grew up with my mom telling me to make a list. She says to make a list each day of the things I want to accomplish and it will make it easier. And when I actually listen to my mother who is actually right much of the time I get things accomplished. ((I tend to make the list and then add other things that I do just so I can check stuff off)). The planner gives me an area to do just that.

I need to stay organized especially now that I’m dealing with Hashimoto’s. Learn more about that here: Hashimoto’s


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Goal setting is an important way to make life more bearable. A bit of organization and the stress of everyday living isn’t quite so hard to deal with. Knowing I’m taking steps (even small baby steps) towards my bigger goal makes me feel like I have things under control. That wee bit of control is an important thing to me (my name is Max and I’m a control freak is another post altogether). So, set a goal, create a plan to accomplish that goal, and start stepping.

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