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Find Your Love

Find Your Love

Life goes by so quickly. One minute you are just out and about enjoying things and the next something stops you in your tracks.

Life, it can just stop. It can be over in the blink of an eye. A friendship lost. A loved one gone. That makes it so important to find your love.

Does that mean a specific person to love? No. People come and go in our life. They are important but not specific.

Find your love, what you love doing, and the people that are important will be there. I can’t begin to tell you what your love might be or even what my own might be at any given moment. What I can tell you is find and do something that you love.

What do I love?

  • I love God
  • I love my family
  • I love my friends
  • I love art
  • I love homesteading
  • I love gardening
  • I love exercise
  • I love trying new things
  • I love making new friends
  • I love helping people
  • I love wine 😉

All of these things make my life so perfect on any given day. My wonderful husband, my uniquely terrific children bring me so much joy. Some days I wish and hope and dream of more. I look at what others are doing and wonder if I should be doing more. Teaching, guiding, learning, doing more. I then realize I am doing what I need to be doing now. Maybe someday I’ll be doing and loving something different. Maybe I’ll be loving Doctor Who, naked skydiving, or even tattoos. Who freaking knows.

Love Lost

I recently lost a dear friend of mine. My heart was devasted at this loss. She was a rare soul. Someone that smiled constantly and had fabulous wit. Someone that went out of their way to help others. I knew I could call her with any questions I had on homesteading and she would be there to help or find someone that could help me. We shared homesteading tales and woes. We went to auctions, learned together, and helped each other. She’d pop over if I asked for help with my cows, chickens, or whatnot. I’d go there to help and share in the chores at her farm when she had to go out of town. Sheila was a person that I could count on. A good soul, a wonderful friend, a wife, and mother.

Friendship and Love

The stories I could tell of our friendship. One story sticks out in my mind:

Sheila loved horses. She knew her love. She loved her family and horses. Mention either and she would smile her special smile and talk for hours. I explained to her that I’d not ridden a horse, only a pony once when I was a little girl. She insisted on taking me horseback riding. Mind, I was scared to death of those huge majestic animals but I sucked it up and went with her. She was in her glory on her horse and managed to get me excited to get on mine. I managed to sit on my HUGE horse and start riding. All was going well until my horse got a wee spooked by the kids and took off with me in the saddle. That horse went a million miles an hour and I swear I was a rodeo star that day. I managed to keep my seat only by the grace of God. Sheila got the horse settled with me in the saddle and laughed and said how awesome I did. She said I was amazing and made me feel good even while I wanted to die of embarrassment from losing control while the tears poured down my cheeks. She hugged me and all was well. Honestly, that day will forever be my favorite memory of my friend.

I Found My Love

I know horses as of now are NOT my love but friendships are. I love my friends and refuse to give up on them when things get hard or feel completely out of control. I’m not that person though many are. My friends and family are my love. They always will be. Right now, exercise is a love that keeps me going. Brings me peace and happiness.

I attended Sheila’s funeral and watched as so many came. Finally, they had to turn people away from the actual funeral and down to another building that they set aside to live broadcast her funeral. She touched so many lives and made so many people feel loved and blessed. She lived and loved. It made me feel special to be a part of her wonderful life.

I left there feeling like I could and should do more. I feel the need to love more, live more, help more and I will.

I’ll do it not just to honor her memory but because my life requires it.

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