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8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

A slow metabolism is a fact of life for many of us. For some it starts as we get older, our metabolism begins to slow down. For others, it is the sedentary lifestyle and still others (myself included) it is from an autoimmune disorder such as Hashimoto’s or other thyroid conditions. Even though these things happen in life there is no reason to just lay down and give up. There are ways to boost your metabolism regardless of your issues. Below are 8 easy ways to boost your metabolism which I’ve incorporated into my everyday life.

Interval training

Interval training is a great way to start shedding pounds and increase your metabolism. This type of training is a series of low to high-intensity workouts that have brief periods of rest for recovery. Doing this helps burn more calories in a quicker amount of time. The best part of interval training is that you don’t need special equipment and you don’t get bored as quickly as you do with straight cardio or strength training. It also increases your aerobic capacity meaning you’ll be able to exercise longer with more intensity.

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Build Muscle

The more muscle your body has the more time it spends burning calories. Your resting metabolic rate is much higher when you have more muscle so you can rest easy knowing you are burning more fat than if you had less muscle. So grab the weights and start working. I like to strength train at least 2 times a week.

Boost your metabolism

Eat Protein

Your body requires protein to survive and flourish. Eating protein helps you with building muscle and can increase your calorie burn by as much as 35 percent. It is best to incorporate some protein into each meal and snack to boost your metabolism. How much you need depends upon your routine and body size.

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Drink Tea

Drinking Oolong tea is said to rev your metabolism and aids in digestion and may lower cholesterol levels. Oolong tea has catechins which help the body metabolize fat. So get that tea and enjoy sipping a cup or two each day.

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Eat Peppers

Enjoy that fiery capsaicin which can boost your metabolism. Non-spicy peppers such as poblanos work wonders in helping with weight loss so even if you have a delicate palate you can get the benefit without the fire. Me I’m all about that spice though so bring it! They do say that a teaspoon of mustard can boost your metabolism by up to 25 percent for a few hour after consumption so go ahead and enjoy this low-calorie condiment.

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Drink Water

Skip the specialty drinks, hydration drinks, diet sodas, and regular soda and simply drink water. To boost your metabolism sometimes all you may need to do is drink more water. It is estimated that if you increase your water consumption by about 6 cups a day you can burn more calories. Get a large water bottle and plan to fill it a few times a day.

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Eat Breakfast

Don’t skip this meal! Breakfast is a great way to get your body revved up and boost your metabolism. This is especially true if you incorporate some healthy protein and fat in your first meal. I like to scramble up some eggs with spinach, cheese, and mushrooms to start my day. I always have more energy on the days I take the time to have a real breakfast.

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Drink Vinegar

Not that nasty white distilled vinegar but a high-quality apple cider vinegar that contains the Mother. I personally like to use Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar as it has all that I desire from a vinegar.¬†Apple cider vinegar boosts metabolism, lowers blood pressure, helps with acid reflux, and is said to help with diabetes. I take a teaspoon of it either straight (wow does that take your breath away) or I mix it in a glass of water and drink it down.

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