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Decorating With My Daughter


My daughter wants to redecorate her room.

She says it is time to make her bedroom her own.



You can imagine, I’m sure, by looking at the picture above the types of colors she wants to go with…..

I love it.

Now, to get her to clean up the room and throw some of her old stuff away so we can bring in the new……

We’ve ripped out the old carpet.

We’ve started gathering paint samples. WOW, I can’t believe how hard a time she’s having with the colors.

I really thought she’d head straight to pink or purple walls, but so far she’s concentrating on blue. That may change before the final decision, but it is completely up to her.

Imagine, a child of mine being a headstrong opinionated little thing?! Teehee

And we’ve been provided with a few really, really beautiful things to decorate her room with. ((think pink and purple burlap))

Sneak peak? Hmmm, small peek only she says……..



These flowers are just one thing my beautiful daughter will be adding to her room! You can see them by clicking here.

Oh, by the way, I’ll be hosting another giveaway starting in just a couple days! This one will be $30 to spend at the wonderful site that provided me those wonderful pink roses and other goodies. Stay tuned!



I’m super excited to get this started, to see where it’ll go.


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