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Decorating with Daughter ~ Part 2


The hardest part of redecorating my daughter’s bedroom was deciding on the color. My daughter finally decided on the colors! She thought and thought and came up with an extremely lovely shade of blue. Everyone seemed surprised that it wasn’t pink or purple, but she has plenty of pink and purple items added in, trust me.

Color Choice

Paint Color Choice

Below is a picture of my daughter’s bedroom when we started redecorating. It was a very plain off-white color. Nothing bad, she just really wanted to change it up and make the bedroom better reflect her personality. The loft bed also needed to be painted and later became a bright white color.

Bedroom Before

Before Paint

My daughter wanted in on every part of the bedroom redecorating. She cleaned out that room and dug right into painting. In the picture below, she is painting away. She did a fabulous job. Most of the painting was actually done by her on this project. I did all the cutting in and trim work, while she did the first coat of blue and painted the loft bed.

Hard at Work



The minute the paint was dry enough, my daughter and I started with the bedroom redecorating. We were blessed to receive the wonderful purple burlap bags from burlapfabric.com. She wanted them hung on an angle and is filling them with all the fun things she needs: chalkers, pens, pencils, art stuff, and other odds and ends.  The bags aren’t quite done in the picture below. She still had to add the lovely pink burlap roses she received. I love how well constructed the bags are. They’ll hold up to many years of girl organization. We added the roses a bit later and made a quick little YouTube video on how we did them.

Purple Burlap Bags


Cool Purple Burlap Bags


She really wanted to do a wall in chalkboard paint, but I wasn’t quite ready to commit a whole wall to that. We found some cool chalkboard stickers for the wall that serve the purpose and we reached a happy compromise. Her love of butterflies shines through with fun butterfly stickers and mirrors.

Cat Condo

Kitty's Place of Honor


Her kitty cat condo was brought back into place in front of the window. She insists the cat have the window seat to see outdoors. She has placed a couple of bird feeders outside so the cat can enjoy watching the birds come and go. I’ll be shocked if we don’t have to replace the screen by the end of summer.

Vinyl Decals

Fun Decals


Wonderful decals and stickers add even more personality to her bedroom. She is really a sweet, happy child and the You Are My Sunshine decal from Bobee is a perfect match for her.  I was worried the decal would be extremely hard to put on but they weren’t. The decal went on fairly easy and looks gorgeous. I love that we can take them down and change them out without having to repaint or damage the bedroom wall.

One really cool thing that I didn’t get a picture of yet is the way she hung her most loved stuffies. She used some of the pink paracord to strin the stuffies from one wall behind her bed to the other. The cord is super strong and a lovely shade of pink. And in an emergency she has some fabulous rope on hand.

In the Video below, we started the crafting of the cute purple burlap bags. We added the fun pink burlap roses using a hot glue gun to make them her style. It only took seconds to do and really turned out super cute.

The burlapfabric.com is a really awesome place to check out so head over there and give them some love. :) Tell them Wild Redhead sent you! 😉

Crafting with Burlap

My daughter really had a great time with this bedroom redecorating project and couldn’t be prouder of her results.

Next Up: Son’s Bedroom

My son wants his chance at redecorating his bedroom now.  I’m not sure I’m up for that one quite yet though. We will see what happens.

Just wait until you see the cool stuff I do with the burlap ribbon I received!

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