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Day 1 Week 1

Day 1 Week 1 of Pump It Up and Shape Up Exercise

After my first try at having a trainer there to help me meet my fitness goals, I fell absolutely in love and knew I would have to do it again.

I loved having someone there to show me the way. Someone there to help me to do more than I thought I could do. Someone there to say, “Yes, you can do this!” Someone to fuss me if I wanted to quit. My trainer on the first Shred session was beyond awesome. She did all of that. She always said, “Never Quit!” (and a few other choice words 😉 )

Sad Day 1 Week 1 News

Well, I wanted to quit when I found out she wasn’t going to be my trainer in this next 10-week program. I was extremely upset. While the whole story of why she isn’t handling this series is still up in the air, I know she is one of the very best trainers out there. But, she isn’t training this one and I had to suck it up and just do it anyway. I have my journey that I have to follow. She would not want me to quit or stop just because of an obstacle in my road. There just are not that many options in our area for training. And when she is ready and she starts another series I’ll be right there with her in her class. (Yes, she really is that great. Not only was she an awesome trainer, but she truly cared how we were doing/feeling.)

New Day 1 Week 1

Today was that first day. While things weren’t the same, they were good. The trainer is different but nice. Actually, we’ll have three different trainers during this 10-week session…… REALLY not sure I like that idea, but again I’ll just give it my all and suck it up. I will get healthy. We did an hour-long Tabata class today which totally kicked my tushie. I loved it!! Each day will be different…..not sure exactly what to expect but loved Tabata.

What is Tabata?

Tabata is an awesome exercise technique that uses 20-10 microburst exercise intervals. There are 20 seconds of high-intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. (During our rest we jogged in place or side-stepped. Yes, I was sure I would die…) Tabata works to target every part of the body during the 6-minute intervals that are stacked to create the 30 minutes of intense exercise. It is said that this type of high intensity interval training creates a prolonged after burn where the body keeps burning calories at a higher rate for up to 48 hours.  Honestly, I loved this type of exercise so much I could see me doing it every single day.

My Journey

There will be no stopping on this journey. There may be bumps, road blocks, and other idiocy, but I won’t quit. I won’t stop. I’ll suck it up and just do it. This is my health that I am fighting for and THAT is the thing I have to remember when I want to stop. It is extremely important with having Hashimoto’s to get my weight and health where it should be.

What Else I Do

I’m not just counting on a class to keep me going, though. I do other things like run/walk with my friends and my kids. Sometimes, though, I have to go in the late evening and before getting my LED belt I’d worry about being on the road after dark. Now, no worries. This thing is beyond awesome and makes me highly-visible. I love my ZeeGear LED sports pack with the added security features it offers. The whistle is great for alerting anyone to any trouble I may have, but I also love that it works as a way to act as a drill sergeant while training. The waist pack has nice pockets that work great for keys, and other goodies like my phone. It is light weight and easy to charge. I love that I don’t need batteries with this pack. The reflecting laces and lace locks are a nice touch and work well in my Brooks. My kids love my Hydration Belt for our walks. No more having to search out water fountains or carry awkward water bottles. I get out my bike for a change of pace on other days. Now that I have a cool Cyrrus bike pump so I don’t have to worry about low or flat tires that is much easier. I’m extremely happy with this new tire pump for my bike. It takes very little effort to inflate my bike tires when they get a bit low. I strapped it on my bike with the included velcro strap so I no longer have to worry about tires going flat when the kids and I are out and about on our bikes. I pop this off and inflate and we are on our way again. I like this one better than the plastic models I’ve used before. The aluminum in stronger and more durable. Bonus, it can be used for basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and more which the kids and use quite often.

At the end of a long day, I get out my favorite candle and sit back and relax. I love the Scentiments Candles as they are fabulously scented and made from essential oils and soy wax. Completely homemade and they make great gifts! I have the lavender family candle and truly appreciate the calm it brings me.

Check back with me in  just a few weeks and I’ll share more of my results.

Good luck on your journey! Don’t Quit! Keep trying!

Day 1 Week 1


Day 1 Week 1

Day 1 Week 1



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