A Bit About Me

Wild Redhead Homestead is my homesteading and healthy living blog with product reviews on items we use.

Wondering about the name of my blog? Well, all four of us are true gingers. A whole house full of redheads does make things a bit wild on occasion.

I’m married to a wonderful man and we have two gorgeous ginger children, ten and twelve now, and three grown step-sons. We live on an 11-acre homestead and enjoy raising cows, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and more. I tell of our journey in living as naturally as possible while raising children, animals, and garden.

Follow along on my weight loss journey. I’ll be sharing what I’ve found helpful and what isn’t. My triumphs and my struggles. *so far I’ve lost 47 pounds

I’ll even tell you about some of the fun of house flipping and other things pertinent to daily life. By fun, I mean the gazillion hours of sweaty work that actually goes into flipping a house. Trust me, it isn’t anything like that stuff you see on television.

When I’m not completely busy or overwhelmed, I work as a freelance writer. I write articles, snippets, and much more. Typically, I do this as a ghost writer.

I feel truly blessed in everything that I have and am excited to share our experiences with you!


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Thanks for reading and joining in on my journey!

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