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5 Tips to Stay Motivated

Like any family, we have so much to do and so little time in which to actually do it that I find it hard to stay motivated to exercise. Life has been busy here on the Wild Redhead Homestead. We’ve been working so many hours each week on the flip, regular job, side job, and our own house remodel, that staying motivated on my exercise program has been difficult at best. My kids have sports, school, and fun things they want to do each day. I have a few tips that I found to help me to stay motivated.

5 Tips to Stay Motivated

1. Set Goals and stay safe

I know, I know….everyone says to set goals, but there really is a reason that you should. Having a real goal, an attainable goal, helps to keep you motivated. The goal might be to lose 5 pounds this month or to go from using 5-pound weights to 10-pound weights. Decide to run with your dog so many days each week. A good bark collar (I like Our K9) will help keep the annoying barking down during an in town run. I sometimes carry while I run/walk for safety reasons. A high-quality belly band gun holster keeps the gun safely secured. Whatever your goal, set it and write out the steps necessary for you to reach it.

stay motivated

2. Pay for it

I signed up for an exercise program at our local hospital. If you pay for it, you’ll feel obligated to stick with it. I constantly wondered what I could do to stay motivated, and that is one thing that works well for me. Luckily, I had already signed up for them before I realized that life would be this busy.

Stay Motivated

3. Change it Up

Find ways to change up your exercise routine to help keep things fresh. Learning new exercises helps me to find new motivation to stay active. I keep up with my regular routine on most days but I like to add in a new move or new exercise toy as often as I can. This week I added in a new Wall Ball. This thing is an amazing workout addition. I got a 20-pound Garage Fit Wall Ball to toss around and work into my routine. The ball is made of a leather material with strong stitching. It can be used during squats, sit-ups, and other strength training exercises. I LOVE mine. Find one on Amazon: Here


stay motivated


4. Get an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner helps in so many important ways. Not only do you have someone to talk with about how you are doing, but they are there to check up on you and make sure you are staying on plan. This helps me a lot. When choosing an accountability partner find one that is willing to actually check up on you. Someone that is a slacker in their own right is not going to be helpful at all. Find a partner that is active and working hard towards their own goals. A great friend is a good choice.

Stay Motivated

5. Try New Foods

Be willing to try new foods, and try them more than once. Many times, when starting a new eating plan, the foods might seem odd or gross to you. Get over it. Give them a real try. Don’t just say you don’t like something because you tried it once 10 years ago. While following the Trim Healthy Mama plan I like to make protein shakes other delicious treats and sometimes they include ingredients that I turn my nose up at. I’ve learned to just suck it up and give it a shot. Usually, they end up tasting WAY better than I thought they would. I learned that I actually love protein shakes made with whey protein and okra (weird but tasty). The Activa Naturals company prides itself on using natural ingredients and has many supplements and protein powders available. I’m not thrilled with the fact that they use Sucralose, though many don’t have an issue with this ingredient. Hopefully, at some point, they switch that up with stevia or at least offer that option.

Stay Motivated

Good luck and many blessings on your journey!

Stay Motivated!

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